Today's biggest skill gap is not technical skillset....

Job functions within an organisation define skills required to accomplish the goals cut out for the role and that of the organisations. These skills are defined in such a way, when these job functions with required skills when on work make the organisation look like single formidable unit designed to deliver exceptional results.

The skills required for a job function most often cover at length, the technical skill set, expertise and experience required by a team member for the job function. But over the past decade or so, many researches, educators and organisations have understood that the skills defining “technical expertise” alone is not helping them achieve the functional goals and the organisational vision.

Behavioural skillset of individuals play an important role to the success of the individual and that of the organisation.

Alexander The Great said, “Remember, upon the conduct of each rest the fate of all..”

In a world driven by instant gratification, the following 8 behavioural skills are going to define success of individuals and growth of organisations..

  • You have two ears & one mouth – Listen more and communicate appropriately. It’s often said that successful people had “silence & smile” on their lips.
  • Smart Work beats Hard Work – If you don’t automate your task today, your job will disappear tomorrow.
  • Pick your battle wisely – Don’t run being every problem – focus & create solution for a problem that will provide relief for a longer time.
  • Success needs a process – Create repeatable processes, so that the system works without you. Don’t rush, good things take time – Trust in Process.
  • Exhibit Ownership – Steven Covey said “Accountability breeds Responsibility.”
  • Demonstrate Emotional Intelligence – People may forget what you said, but will never forget how you made them feel.
  • Blow your trumpet – Know when to do and how much to do, but never forget to blow your trumpet.
  • Attention to details – Difference between good & great is details. Have a clear vision with detailed plan.

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