Elevating the ‘Life’ of Equipment – The Importance of Asset, Solar Operations & Maintenance

The Solar operations and maintenance is important for “GREEN POWER” in the current scenario due to increasing power tariffs. Many industries, commercial, residential, and other establishments are switching to solar PV systems in order to mitigate costs & carbon emissions. Solar panels are fast becoming a norm rather than an option in India too, the government support and push has drastically increased deployment of solar power across the country. This has received a further boost after many state government’s announced an open access policy.

Periodic checks are crucial to ensure long life and efficient working of solar systems. Planned and proper Operations & Maintenance ensures optimal performance, quicker return of investment and longer ‘life’ of your solar assets. The degree and periodicity of maintenance required depend on the size and type of installation, configuration of the system, and extent of soiling at site. India’s renowned Solar PV Asset Management Company “Inspire Clean Energy” has been offering world-class service with the deployment of highly advanced tools for monitoring, cleaning, routine operations and periodic maintenance. These ‘under one roof’ services ensure that you save time and effort, while getting the highest energy production as is possible from the system installed.s

solar operation and maintenance image 2

Who can perform Solar Operations and Maintenance of a Solar PV System ?

Only qualified personnel should undertake these critical procedures – at Inspire Clean Energy, a team of trained professional, experts and specialists work dedicatedly on this. Post the preliminary inspections and verification of the system, they would initiate corrective action, followed by periodic checks & scheduled maintenance services. In addition to the services rendered at site, GRACC (Global Renewable Asset Control Center) monitors, reports and records the effectiveness of all the these actions.

Inspire Clean Energy has an unrivalled team of experts with the relevant experience to manage and operate your solar power systems. Claims of widespread experience stand corroborated by customers and their long-term service contracts, proving Inspire Clean Energy’s expertise as a one-stop-shop for all your solar power needs.

Inspire Clean Energy also specialises in end of life-cycle management services from de-commissioning, relocation, re-powering, spares management, repairs, replacement, refurbishment, salvaging, recycling, and operations & maintenance warranty coverages. 

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