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Increase your IRR by 20%

Our “Investment Model” O&M strategy and EIRA technology platform allows you to meet your operational & financial goals.

Solar o&m (Operations & Maintenance) plays a vital role in maximising the revenue and returns of Solar PV assets. Many studies and research has proved that Intelligent O&M strategy can increase equity internal rate of returns (IRR) upto 20%.

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Performance Management

Metrics driven asset performance analysis to increase generation and reduce risk.

Operations & Maintenance

Global best practices based advanced preventive management to improve LCOE & asset life.


Global RE Asset Control Centre driven by EIRA platform to optimise resource & manage Solar PV assets.


Unlock your asset performance through Reliability Centred Maintenance

EIRA Software development team for solar o&m (operations and maintenance)


Central digital platform which collates big data from various sources, uses pattern recognition models to identify performance degradation, hidden issues and helps reduce TAT.

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Multi-disciplinary professional team to Connect with various stake holders, Collect requisite date, Compute scenarios & Control the O&M strategy to maximise your return.

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Research & innovation team focuses on developing products to make Solar PV O&M activities faster, reliable & efficient. These products enable you to reduce your OpEx.

Data Mining

Predicting failures by identifying patterns

With Industry 4.0, availability of data from equipments enables us to deploy advanced Predictive Maintenance (PdM) for faster identification of failures.  

Deployment of such advanced Predictive Maintenance (PdM) strategies has helped our customer to increase asset life by 5% and reduce maintenance cost by 17%

string inverter motherboard - solar o&m
IGBT stress caused by manual tightening caused the damage. Automatic torquing mechanism imported and installed in the factory to avoid the issue in future batches.
string Inverter Manufacturer


Continual application of reasoning and learnings to be smarter and optimised

Drive Performance

Top - Down KPI based performance management to deliver better overall site performance


Process redundancy through duality principles to improve service reliability and quality


Safe operations where people and the environment are protected without compromise to performance

Differentiated offerings

Increase efficiency and reduce TCO

Data analytics focused at increasing yield helps in improving service efficiencies and thus reduce fire-fighting

Numbers that matter

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Consolidated market presence in world’s largest Solar PV region

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Andhra Pradesh - 24.5 MWp project


Asset Performance Review

Independent & unbiased performance review of the asset to identify, report and propose actions on issues and deficiencies to improve system reliability & performance.  

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