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Asset Life & Reliability Centered PV Plant Management

Considered a “Cost center”, O&M budgets are under pressure as global Solar PV system prices have fallen drastically. Causing deterioration of asset performance, impacting IRR and stakeholders are eying for a balance. “Investment Model” O&M strategy focuses on asset life & reliability of PV equipment helping investors achieve projected IRR.

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Our Company timeline

An organization built over a strong framework of ethics & integrity that fosters innovation. Focussed on creating value for customers through an “Ownership’ driven work environment that values the unique talent of each team member.   

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Asset & Performance Management

Critical remote monitoring of Solar PV Assets by experts to provide efficiency and reliability. Creating products and solutions for Solar PV rooftop & utility power plant investors to help them realize their financial goals

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Professional, Trained, And Dedicated Team To Manage Your Asset

Inspire Clean Energy is a mumbai based Solar PV Asset, Operations & Maintenance Management company, providing services to Solar PV projects across India since 2015. Their business model focuses on enhancing asset & equipment life, reduced LCoE (Levelised Cost of Electricity) over asset life, utmost plant uptime, lowest failure rate, safety of team, environment & asset and stringent processes to ensure regulatory compliance. The new offering is truly a game changer for the Solar PV Industry & aimed at making your Solar PV investment a highly profitable Asset for Life.

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