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Features of X̂enectra

Improve Service Efficiency

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Started as ICE’s in-house Research, and Development team, with a vision to equip ICE team members with better tools to deliver better service, reduce TAT, improve team efficiency & reduce overall cost per job

Design Thinking

Led by Anandaraj - Design Thinking Professional from MIT, Sloan. X̂enectra team through an iterative process is developing the right product - solution mix for Solar PV Plant Operations & Maintenance.

Improve Performance

The products help you overcome service quality challenges, improve team performance, and help you increase plant performance by deploying cutting-edge technology at your site.

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Unique Products

Smart Vegetation Mangement (TrancoBot)

With faster operations, increased efficiency, lower petrol consumption & reduction in manpower requirements, TrancoBOT helps lower the cost of operations.

  • 4 Stroke Engine – Lesser Petrol / Acre
  • Easy of User – More Acre / Hr
  • Faster Operation – Lesser Manpower ~20%

Soiling Analysis

Intelligent Soiling Analysis

The IoT enabled monitoring station is an advanced system designed to help you keep track of your energy consumption. It uses various sensors to collect data on the soiling rate, which represents the amount of dirt and debris accumulating on your solar panels and causing energy loss. By analyzing this information, the system can quickly diagnose the current energy loss and provide you with a forecast for days ahead. This feature is particularly useful for those who want to proactively manage their solar panel maintenance and energy efficiency by staying ahead of the curve and avoiding costly downtime due to power outages. With the IoT enabled monitoring station, you can rest assured that you are always in control of your solar energy system and can save money while maintaining optimal performance.

  • Intelligent soiling analysis keeps solar power efficient by identifying and addressing soiling on panels. Machine learning and AI can enhance the analysis, creating an all-in-one platform for real-time reporting. This technology also offers scalability to the process, providing more accessible and efficient options for solar panel owners and operators.

  • We've created a cutting-edge system for analyzing and predicting soiling on solar panels. Our technology offers detailed insights for targeted cleaning and proactive maintenance. Our goal is to revolutionize solar panel maintenance and maximize your investments.

  • Soil analysis is crucial for maintaining and optimizing solar panels. Understanding soil content is key to ensuring solar panel durability and efficiency. Intelligent soil analysis can help improve the lifespan and performance of solar arrays. By considering factors like moisture, nutrients, and possible contaminants, solar panel owners can make informed decisions for maximum energy production. Don't overlook the importance of soil analysis for solar panel maintenance.

Unique Products

Collaborative Cleaning BOT (CoBot600)

CoBot600  for smarter & efficient cleaning of Solar PV panels

  • Dry & Wet Cleaning – Special Bristles Designed for Solar PV Modules
  • Portable – Light Weight – Pole Extendable up to 32 ft
  • Faster Operation – Lesser Manpower ~25%
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Benefits of X̂enectra products

Our product excels in quality, performance, and innovation. Try it today for unparalleled satisfaction.





Inspire Clean Energy is a mumbai based Solar PV Asset, Operations & Maintenance Management company, providing services to Solar PV projects across India since 2015. Their business model focuses on enhancing asset & equipment life, reduced LCoE (Levelised Cost of Electricity) over asset life, utmost plant uptime, lowest failure rate, safety of team, environment & asset and stringent processes to ensure regulatory compliance. The new offering is truly a game changer for the Solar PV Industry & aimed at making your Solar PV investment a highly profitable Asset for Life.

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