Asset Life & Reliability Centred PV Plant Management

a picture from GRACC monitoring interface showing the reading of the powers for solar panel site


Utilizes the technology prowess of EIRA to improve performance, optimize resource allocation, and provide peace of mind to Solar PV Asset Owners and managers. Critical remote monitoring of Solar PV Assets by experts to provide efficiency and reliability. GRACC does real-time monitoring of more than 200 MWp of Solar PV assets operated by ICE as well as by third parties. Handling about 150k data points per day from 250+ unique site locations. The expert team handles close to 30,000 events a year with 40% of them resolved by the remote team.

Professional, Trained And Dedicated Team To Manage Your Asset

Professional, Trained And Dedicated Team To Manage Your Asset

Process derived out of global best practices to make sure asset performance is improved. An energetic Field Service Team (FST) equipped with the required tools and adequate spares to reduce Turn Around Time (TAT). For rooftop solar PV plants, to improve the efficiency of service, service hubs are strategically located within 4 hours of the site. Modeled based on the “Hub & Spoke” efficiency model each service hub is independent and yet connected to GRACC.

CoBOT600 used in the rooftop for cleaning the solar panels in the site.

Technical Asset Management “Flexible, Yet Wholesome” services to increase asset availability & to reduce the risk

Armed with flexibility, Solar PV asset owners can know and experience prudent technical operations & maintenance practices offered by our trained team. By opting for Technical Asset Management service customers enjoy the best of both worlds, expert technical support from ICE & local low-cost resources for nontechnical activities.


Inspiring Services

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We prioritize developing comprehensive guidelines for solar panel maintenance in our SOPs, covering cleaning, inspection, repair, and safety measures. Our SOPs incorporate best practices and industry standards to ensure the efficient and effective operation of solar PV systems.

Improve Yield

Services with focus on reducing unplanned downtime


Process automation aimed at improving efficiency and accuracy

Drive Performance

Data analysis and continuous learning to improve response time

Manage Risk

100+ SOPs to ensure service quality & uniformity

Our Projects

Standards Based

Process-driven with reliance on technology to mitigate flaws

On Time

Quick & intuitive commissioning monitoring to overcome shortcomings


Dedicated construction management team to assure quality

Expert Team

Experienced & knowledgeable team to avoid delays & cost overruns

Our Solutions

Field Construction Management

Dedicated monitoring of your Solar PV plant construction at the site.

Inspire Clean Energy is a mumbai based Solar PV Asset, Operations & Maintenance Management company, providing services to Solar PV projects across India since 2015. Their business model focuses on enhancing asset & equipment life, reduced LCoE (Levelised Cost of Electricity) over asset life, utmost plant uptime, lowest failure rate, safety of team, environment & asset and stringent processes to ensure regulatory compliance. The new offering is truly a game changer for the Solar PV Industry & aimed at making your Solar PV investment a highly profitable Asset for Life.

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