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Issue #1

Training at Office

A workplace safety training session, featuring an expert who highlighted fire hazards and their elimination. The session included hands-on demonstrations of fire extinguisher usage and identification of various types. Promoting a safer work environment is our priority.

Module Repair done by the employee on the site

Safety Education and Implementation

Prioritising safety education for contract team members, emphasising adherence to protocols, and promoting a safety-first culture.

Mock Drill

We prioritise safety through routine site mock drills, educating team members on tackling work related hazards like machinery use, dehydration, fatigue, and fire emergencies. Preparedness ensures a secure work environment.

Do you know

Ergonomic hazards stand out as a major contributor to nearmiss and injury incidents in solar PV Plants. Inaccessible equipment, uneven terrain, and remote locations, particularly involving inverters, SMBs, and LT panels, form a risky combination.

Regular Training

Continuous training sessions, ensuring contractors are wellversed in safety measures, emergency procedures, and site specific risks.

Identification of Senior Point of Contact

Appointing experienced personnel as Senior Points of Contact, responsible foroverseeing contractor safety, maintaining open communication, and swiftly addressing any safety concerns.
This 3-tier model ensures comprehensive safety integration within the solar PV plant operations.

Inspiring others

With a commitment to ensuring safer work environments, “Shine Safely” stands as a testament to ICE’s dedication to redefining safety paradigms within the solar PV fraternity. By fostering a culture of diligence and accountability, the webinar underscores the pivotal role of collaborative efforts in mitigating potential risks and enhancing workplace safety.

webinar featured image and the people seeing the webinar

Shine Safely - Webinar

In a significant stride towards enhancing safety measures within the solar photovoltaic (PV) sector, Inspire Clean Energy (ICE) successfully hosted the “Shine Safely” Safety Webinar on August 18th. The event focused on fortifying solar PV installations across the Indian Subcontinent, emphasising the imperative need for secure and safe solar PV sites. With the exponential growth of solar PV installations in the region, the webinar shed light on the escalating awareness and proactive initiatives undertaken by various institutions to implement stringent safety protocols. The discourse expanded to encompass the economic repercussions and GDP setbacks caused by work-related injuries, underlining the urgency for
robust safety practices. 

Central to the discussions was the shift from mere “namesake safety” to the pragmatic realm of “Practical safety.” The webinar introduced attendees to E&Y’s acclaimed four-step approach for effective safety implementation. An interesting facet illuminated during the discourse was the misconception surrounding ergonomic safety, often wrongly relegated as a lower priority compared to other safety aspects. The event provided a platform to showcase the pioneering “Shine Safely” program developed by ICE. A highlight of the program was its unique approach of utilising Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and a continuous process improvement framework. These methodologies acted as catalysts, significantly enhancing safety ratings amongst end customers and bolstering the confidence of on-site team members.

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