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Issue #2




In this month’s edition, we unveil three remarkable sustainability initiatives pioneered at our solar PV plant sites. Discover how CoBOT, our semi-autonomous Solar Module Cleaning Robot, is cutting water consumption. Learn about our avian-friendly bird diverters on transmission lines and our creative reuse of dust removal solvent cans for waste segregation.

A clean view of the solar panels in the solar panel plant

CoBOT Saving Water

Bird Diverters Save our Birds

Repurpose your Waste


CoBOT, the semi-autonomous solar PVmodule cleaning robot, excels in efficient cleaning with a paramount focus onminimizing water consumption. Unlikefully dry cleaning methods, CoBOT offersversatility, working both wet and dry, significantly reducing water usage by two-thirds. Its light weight design ensures easy adoption, while maintaining module performance to OEM standards. CoBOT champions sustainability in solar PV plant operations, aligning seamlessly with the goal of eco-friendly, sustainable powergeneration.


Bird diverters play a crucial role in preventing avian collisions making them essential for transmission lines. These devices which often appear in the form of spirals or dangling marks, increase the visibility of electrical wires to birds, lowering the possibility of tragic crashes. Inaddition to being morally required, protecting birds is essential for maintaining environmental harmony.


Reusing solvent cans as dustbins reduces trash sustainably. The cans must be thoroughly cleaned and dried tore move all chemicals. Recycled cansform sturdy, durable, and attractive dustbins. This reduces trash and increases life of the can and reducing landfill disposal. A tiny but significant step towards decreasing our environmental impact and promoting ethical recycling and repurposing.

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