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Issue #3

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1. Life on the Line: Unveiling the Impact of CPR Mock Drillsin Emergencies

2. Tackling Environmental Threats: Adopting ProactiveTraining for Oil Spill Response

3. Overcoming Ambiguity: Avoiding Hazards by Ensuring Accurate Nomenclature in Solar PV Infrastructure

CRP Mock drills

Ensuring workplace safety, and conducting mock CPR practice familiarizes employees with swift response tactics during medical emergencies like heart arrests. Training includes identifying crisis symptoms, calling for help, and administering CPR until professional assistance arrives. These drills enhance muscle memory and boost employee confidence, significantly reducing the risk of fatalities. By conducting these drills we prioritize employee welfare, create a safer work environment, and show a dedication to staff welfare and disaster readiness.

CRP Mock drills was trained and done by the employees in case of emergency in the solar power plant
picture of a inventor used in the solar power plant site name INV-5&15


During a scheduled inverter maintenance activity, we encountered a situation where the inverter failed to power down completely, even after the shutdown. A visual inspection revealed that the numbering in the ACDB box was incorrectly labeled. Fortunately, due to our diligent maintenance schedule, this issue was identified promptly, preventing any potential electrical hazards. This occurrence underscores the vital importance of consistent maintenance and precise labeling helps in maintaining the safety standard and protecting both the employee and solar PV system.

Oil Spill kit

Oil Spill Kit Training: Learn How to prevent Our Environment, Accidents, and Ensure Compliance.

Oil spill kit training is vital for environmental preservation and workplace safety. Itensures employees are well-prepared to respond swiftly to oil spills, reducing risks and ecological damage. Training covers spill identification, proper kit usage, containment, and cleanup. Familiarity with the kit’s components and handling is essential to prevent accidents and reduce environmental harm. Well-trained staff are more confident and efficient, reducing response times in emergencies. Ultimately, oil spill kit training safeguards the environment, employees, and helps companies meet regulatory compliance, a cornerstone of effective risk management. 

Workers cleaning the oil spill in the solar panel site.

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