RE-Imagined O&M

CW1003 PR 02 Re-Imagined O&M Reimagine Operations & Maintenance (Investment Model) for Solar PV Power Plants

When a company creates a ‘basket’ of offerings by reimagining Operations & Maintenance of Solar Photovoltaic projects as an “Investment Model”, it surely signifies an organized and professional approach to an otherwise unorganized sector. Inspire Clean Energy (ICE) takes its Operations & Maintenance business seriously with skin in the game & is transforming how operations & maintenance of renewable energy assets is done – here’s some insights !

As a company propelled by technology, the prime focus for ICE is enhancing the deployment &   its complete utilization to benefit customers. This is consistently achieved through the efficiency of services, keeping global standards as the basis, for creating, operating, and maintaining all sizes of solar PV systems.

CoBOT4000 used in the solar power plant

CW1003 PR 02 Re-Imagined O&M Reimagine Operations & Maintenance (Investment Model) for Solar PV Power Plants

Operations and Maintenance of Solar PV Projects require highly skilled and competent companies as partners, not just to increase the life of this investment, but also to ensure that these assets perform most optimally for their entire ‘life’. The Operations and Maintenance services from Inspire Clean Energy ensure the utmost performance while enabling the realization of conceived returns. Further, the experts on this team proficiently preempt and resolve issues, before they can cause damage (predictive maintenance).

Inspire Clean Energy and its experts essay a vital role in ensuring that the solar power plant  provide maximised revenue and returns. An intelligent operations and maintenance strategy is proven to enhance internal rate of returns (IRR) by up to 20%, and ICE consistently endeavours to attain this for their customers. Customers bank on Inspire Clean Energy’s expertise and experience, and the fact that they have always been ahead of the technology curve, creators of de-facto best practises followed in the industry today.

The need for regular and optimum management of solar panels has made it essential for industries to bank upon the expertise of professional Solar PV O&M Companies like Inspire Clean Energy. In India, most Solar PV system owners find it challenging to source local skilled & trained resources for the up-keep of their green investments. Inspire Clean Energy is expanding its reach to every city and town of India, through a network of partners and skilled professionals, complemented by the software and innovative machines and equipments. All together – a winning combination that translates to huge benefits for customers.

The highlights of O&M from Inspire Clean Energy:

Continuous process innovation delivered by a passionate team

Dual team format – dedicated site team + mobile squad

Asset Life & Reliability

Central PV Plant Management

Pragmatic Solutions with inspirational service

Creators of de-facto Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Solar PV

Compliant: Safety Guidelines Adhering: Global Best Practices

Working Practice – Efficiency and swift T.A.T

Global Renewable Asset Control Centre (GRACC)

Inspire Clean Energy is a mumbai based Solar PV Asset, Operations & Maintenance Management company, providing services to Solar PV projects across India since 2015. Their business model focuses on enhancing asset & equipment life, reduced LCoE (Levelised Cost of Electricity) over asset life, utmost plant uptime, lowest failure rate, safety of team, environment & asset and stringent processes to ensure regulatory compliance. The new offering is truly a game changer for the Solar PV Industry & aimed at making your Solar PV investment a highly profitable Asset for Life.

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