SMS Package

CW1002 PR - 01 SMS Package

Inspire Clean Energy, India’s most renowned Technical Asset Management Company in the Solar PV sector introduces a “New-To-Market” bundle package of Software, Machines, and Field Services (SMS)!

The passion of the team is apparent through the highly innovative and meticulous model that is focused on supporting and facilitating optimal operation and maintenance activities at solar photovoltaic power plants. This model is not just well-thought-out but is also critical to significantly improving asset life, and enhancing the performance of the plant while sustaining livelihood for the local population.


The SMS (Software-Machines-Service) Package is currently being offered to solar PV project owners through an annual subscription, with ZERO INVESTMENT / CAPEX from the project owner. Some of the highlights of this package:

Zero Capex:

Deployment of high-end collaborative machines that enable the field team to maintain high efficiency and uniformity in the quality of work. The machines significantly reduce the amount of physical labor required to clean the solar panels and trim surrounding vegetation.

Skilled Team:

The field service is managed by a skilled & trained service team, every activity is performed in compliance with HSE & ESG norms (EU ESG Norms 2021, SEBI ESG Norms 2021).

Free Access to EIRA:

Owners are provided free access to EIRA, an IoT-based, unified software platform, which enables monitoring both the performance of solar PV assets & operations – maintenance tasks at the site. This software also empowers the field team through a mobile app, where they receive SoP-based maintenance of tickets. The interactive app helps the field team report & report every action taken at the site.

Additional Support:

Complementing all of the above features is add-on consistent support from an experienced team at the Global Renewable Asset Control Center (GRACC). This team handles escalated technical glitches, warranty claims, performance analytics, and the preemptive management of predictable events.

The model is currently nonpareil and it is also the most sought-after O&M model by solar PV project owners and managers.

In India, the Operations & Maintenance activities of Solar Photovoltaic projects are still predominately carried out by locally sourced unskilled resources, unorganized or semi-skilled and un-skilled contractors. Inspire Clean Energy has been able to overcome these limitations and established itself as the most highly proficient professional corporate player in the space.

Inspire Clean Energy has earned and sustained its reputation by stringent adherence to global and industry best practices, 100% compliance to all statutory norms, employee-friendly policies, and benefits that extend to all family members of employees.

“Your Asset – Our Care”: As a solar PV asset owner, peace of mind is ‘free’ with Inspire Clean Energy as your Asset Manager. The team makes it possible for you to effortlessly go ‘green’ and is truly the one-stop shop for turnkey solar energy equipment, software, and services.

Inspire Clean Energy is a mumbai based Solar PV Asset, Operations & Maintenance Management company, providing services to Solar PV projects across India since 2015. Their business model focuses on enhancing asset & equipment life, reduced LCoE (Levelised Cost of Electricity) over asset life, utmost plant uptime, lowest failure rate, safety of team, environment & asset and stringent processes to ensure regulatory compliance. The new offering is truly a game changer for the Solar PV Industry & aimed at making your Solar PV investment a highly profitable Asset for Life.

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